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In the spring of 2017, a group of passionate actors, directors, and theatre enthusiasts sat around a local Southwest Florida home musing about the possibility of bringing another community theatre to our area. We reminisced about our theatre experiences in Southwest Florida and around the country, and how we might be positioned to bring something new to and exciting to our region if we could combine our talents. We had lively discussions as we worked to define our mission, an endeavor that is not for the feint of heart. In time, we reached consensus on the core philosophies that would represent our theatre to the public and our mission was born:

New Phoenix Theatre creates entertainment

to enlighten the community, celebrate diversity, and inspire imagination.

We want, first and foremost, to entertain our audience. We also feel a theatre experience should enlighten and change the audience member in some way, too, by bringing one to some new understanding of the world. We want our work to honor all that is good and special in the diversity of human expression. Finally, we hope to inspire the imagination of our audience members in a collection of big and small ways that impact their everyday lives.

The Phoenix is bold, a symbol of regeneration and rebirth. We will rise to the challenge of embodying our mission as we join the theatre community of Southwest Florida. Come, watch us rise.